We Are Crisp Media

We’re a diverse squad of trusted content marketing experts based in Vancouver, BC. We’re here to help you plan, implement, and launch your campaigns with total confidence. We’re experts in marketing services, project execution, and content management with a nimble team of the best and brightest who aim to be your devoted integrated resource rather than outsiders.

We are also the publishers of VancouverMom.ca and Toronto Mom Now, and producers of Leading Moms.

At Crisp Media we bring so much expertise to the table it will feel like you have paid for a coordinator and get the skills and experience of a director.

We also offer you a fresh perspective, new eyes and clever ingenuity on any and all projects.

At Crisp Media we want you to capitalize on our collective proficiency, diversity, and years of hands-on experience. We want you to see first hand the difference that we can make to your business.

Our Team

Our team has worked in big offices and for big companies so they know what the jobs require. But because of our flexible and nimble nature there is someone available at all times to assist with whatever you may need.

Christine Pilkington

CEO and Founder

Christine has consulted some of the world’s top brands, delivered countless workshops and seminars, written articles and blog posts, and participated as a panelist and speaker on online technologies for over 14 years.

Kelly Duran

Director, Corporate Development

Kelly Duran is the Director of Corporate Development for Crisp Media. She puts her 15+ years of expertise in marketing strategy, event planning and project management to work for our all of our partners.

Harriet Fancott

Harriet Fancott

Community Manager

Harriet Fancott is the Community Manager responsible for the growth of Vancouver Mom and Toronto Mom Now.

Katharine Todd-Millar

Manager, Partner Development

On mat leave. Katharine, who is a mom of two boys and a baby girl along with her partner and Goldendoodle, lives on Vancouver’s West Side.