09 November 2023

Doing a CDAP in Vancouver? Here Are 7 Approved Digital Advisors You Can Work With

If you’re a business owner looking to work with an approved Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) advisor in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, there are lots of options to choose from. However, picking the best fit for your company depends on what you’re looking to get out of your CDAP grant in the first place. Here’s a quick overview of some of the approved digital advisors, where they are located, and their specialties.

33 Dolphins CDAP Vancouver advisor

1. 33 Dolphins Growth Strategy | CDAP Advisor in Vancouver

33 Dolphins is a management consulting firm focused on digital transformation. Companies looking to maximize their competitive advantage and strengthen their in-house digital capacity might find 33 Dolphins to be a good fit as their CDAP advisor. Likewise for those who are seeking to make the best investment in outsourced, specialized services and develop a scalable roadmap.

Crisp CDAP Vancouver advisor

2. Crisp | CDAP Advisor in Vancouver

Yes, that’s us! You might already know that we offer fractional CMO and contract marketing services. But did you know that we are also a CDAP advisor based in Vancouver? As digital marketing experts, our specialty is solving marketing problems for growing businesses, using a full-picture approach tailored to your company. 

The process we follow as a CDAP advisor is much like the tried-and-true method we use with the rest of our clients. First, we’ll lead you through a series of workshops to get to know your business and understand your big-picture goals. Then, we’ll do some analysis: on the competition, your customers, and your current digital capabilities. Finally, we complete your digital adoption plan, a comprehensive, ready-to-submit roadmap with full-picture recommendations. The best part? Once your plan is complete, we can work with you to implement it.

Jelly Langley advisor

3. Jelly Marketing | CDAP Advisor in Langley

Jelly is a digital marketing agency specializing in social media, PR, and digital advertising. When creating a CDAP plan, Jelly looks at 6 key areas: social media, public relations, SEO, digital ads, content, and email marketing. Like other CDAP advisors, they also conduct a competitive and brand audit, then put together a strategy with recommendations.

Junction Consulting Vancouver advisor

4. Junction Consulting | CDAP Advisor in Vancouver

Junction is a consulting company that develops strategies, training, and digital adoption planning to build capacity from the inside out. They work with businesses to identify and implement opportunities for digitization, and as a CDAP advisor, they believe that digital technology can benefit pretty much every part of a business.

Longhouse Media Langley advisor

5. Longhouse Media | CDAP Advisor in Langley

Longhouse Media is a digital marketing agency focusing on web design and development, video production, SEO, social media, graphic design and branding, and digital advertising. Their CDAP recommendations can include the aforementioned areas of specialization, plus highlight a business’s strengths and opportunities.

MEIRA Consulting CDAP Vancouver advisor

6. MEIRA Consulting | CDAP Advisor in Vancouver

MEIRA is a boutique tech consultancy firm that offers IT advisory, IT project management and business analysis services, including technology strategy, selection, and adoption. Their CDAP plans assess gaps and challenges in technology, process, and training, providing a technological roadmap for success.

Yardstick Services CDAP Port Moody  advisor

7. Yardstick Services | CDAP Advisor in Port Moody

Yardstick Services is a web design and digital marketing agency. Their CDAP recommendations can include an SEO audit, WordPress website security audit, website speed audit, a 12-month digital marketing plan, and additional technology resources.

Looking for more information on doing a CDAP in Vancouver?

Take a look at the official Canada Digital Adoption Program website or contact us to see how we can help.

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