21 September 2022

Tipping the Scale with Impact Investing

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Impact Investing in Women-Led Businesses

There is still a surprising lack of awareness about gender disparity in the entrepreneurial world, but the struggle to achieve equality is very real for many self-identifying women. Unequal access to education, employment inequality, job segregation, racism, scarcity of legal protections, a lack of political representation, and absence of bodily autonomy are just a few issues affecting women entering the workforce. These are not only problems of the past but obstacles women still face today.

There has been an increase in leadership opportunities for women and a growing recognition of women’s central role in the world economy but progress is slow and this demographic still remains underrepresented. This disparity can lead to underfunding for women-led businesses. Gender lens investing can help bridge this gap by increasing women’s access to capital and is one reason that investing in women-led businesses is more important than ever.

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Who is Tipping the Scale?

Two organizations making great strides in Impact Investing in women-led businesses are The Forum Pitch and Spring. Both create exposure for women-led businesses and help build supportive communities these businesses have been lacking. Through entrepreneurial and investor challenges, women are given the opportunity to acquire substantial funding – up to $25,000 through The Forum and $100k+ with Spring’s Impact Investors Program. 

These incredible programs have been created to build economic strength and support women in their business needs. With the help of these organizations, women are empowered, educated and offered 1:1 mentorship before they present their vision to like-minded investors who are ready to invest in women-led companies. 

Connie Stacey, the winner of the 2021 The Forum Pitch, is the president and founder of Growing Greener Innovations, a clean energy technology company. Connie has been featured locally and nationally for her strides in green energy. Through The Forum, she was able to present her company to investors who were looking to support impactful businesses. 

If you are a female entrepreneur ready to take the next steps in building and growing your business, The Forum Pitch and Spring’s Impact Investor Challenge Program could be the catalyst you are looking for.


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We envision a world in which every business is an impact business, every investor is an impact investor, and where entrepreneurship and investment ecosystems drive regenerative innovation. Spring Activator was founded in 2014 with a simple but bold mission to accelerate and amplify the activities of purpose-driven leaders to create an equitable, and resilient world that is regenerative by design. We act globally, leveraging our know-how to provide the tools, knowledge, network, and mentorship needed to change the world.

Leave no woman behind.

That’s what motivates us every single day to keep growing our educational, mentorship, and community initiatives for self-identifying women entrepreneurs. Since 2002 we have taught, mentored, and empowered over 5000 women entrepreneurs across Canada so they could take their business to the next level and nourish our communities. Pitch is just one of the many ways we do that.