Molly Millar holding bike handles

Molly Millar

Sales and Marketing Director

Molly Millar (she/her) has a proven track record of driving success in growth-stage companies across diverse industries, including food, manufacturing, transportation, and accessibility. With a passion for collaborating with visionary founders, Molly excels in crafting and executing innovative marketing, sales, and business development strategies to realize their ambitious goals.

Molly has spearheaded the design, implementation, and optimization of comprehensive marketing initiatives, including rebrands, brand and product launches, and international e-commerce strategies. Molly’s skills also include sales operations and team leadership: she’s managed customer service teams and orchestrated global shipping and supply chain operations.

Molly’s expertise extends beyond the corporate realm; she served as Chair of the City of Vancouver’s Transportation Policy Committee for seven years, demonstrating her commitment to driving positive change in her community. Her blend of strategic acumen, operational proficiency, and passion for innovation makes her an invaluable asset in any organizational setting, poised to catalyze growth and drive impactful change.

Fun Facts

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour:
Salted caramel

Peak Moment:
Producing a bike fashion show in NYC

Weird Hobby:

First Job:
Blizzard Maker Extraordinaire at Dairy Queen

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