AI-Powered SaaS Client Gets a Strategic Rebrand and Repositioning

Repositioning Our Client’s Brand for Success

Repositioning Our Client’s Brand for Success

When our client, an innovator in the AI-powered SaaS space, approached us, they had just repositioned their brand as an enterprise solution, having previously targeted small and medium businesses. They knew they needed external assistance to undergo a thorough rebrand that would resonate with their new target audience and build a go-to-market strategy to position them to dominate the category. In the midst of a round of fundraising, their digital presence was inconsistent with the materials they were pitching to investors, which created additional confusion. Time was of the essence in addressing these branding and positioning challenges.

What We Did

Building a Strategic Brand and Go-To-Market Plan

We came on board and immediately implemented some quick fixes, including updating their website and social media copy. Following this, we identified and engaged a strategic branding firm that understood the B2B market our client was targeting. We also evaluated all their existing service providers who were still in the B2C mindset, as well as their PR, SEO, social media, and conference and event marketing strategies. From there, we kept the things that were working well and identified new areas of opportunity, building out an overall roadmap of key marketing activities to focus on. We also built a partnership strategy to help them better engage with large industry players like Cisco and Webex.

Workers coding taking notes

With the successful rebrand and launch of their new visual identity, we assisted in quickly updating our client’s website and delivering sales enablement tools that were more in keeping with their B2B target market and offered a clearer picture to investors. Having implemented a focused marketing and PR strategy, we landed our client a front-page placement in the Toronto Star business section and a presence at key industry events, such as a booth at Cisco Live in Las Vegas. On the foundation of our work, the company was able to scale in size and take the business to its next stage of growth. The CEO referred to our work as a “game changer.”