New Strategy Drives Scalable Growth for Curious Campervans

Creating a Marketing Roadmap through the Canada Digital Adoption Program

Unlocking “Aha” Moments for this Business’s Bigger Picture

Curious Campervans, a small business that sells DIY van conversion supplies online, was looking to improve its website and marketing efforts. Although the owners, Taylor Smears and Jordan Lacroix, had plenty of ideas, they lacked the time and resources to execute marketing tasks, and needed a wider strategy. 

Taylor and Jordan knew that they needed to scale up their marketing efforts in order to grow the business. Although they had an in-house content creator, they still needed someone with the strategic vision to create a marketing plan that plugged into the bigger picture. Taylor and Jordan connected with us through the Canada Digital Adoption Program, with the goal of addressing these gaps, as well as getting further data on their performance and customers to help them prioritize and determine how best to proceed.

What We Did

Analysis, Strategy, and Recommendations

We were able to unlock some “aha” moments by asking the right questions and providing space and structure for the owners to think about the bigger picture of their business. After a competitive and internal analysis, we provided a thorough strategy and the tactics to execute recommendations. This entailed mapping out and optimizing their customer journey, and implementing tools and processes to collect actionable data. This was complemented by the creation of a marketing funnel and a content marketing strategy to generate leads. All of these efforts were encapsulated in a comprehensive document that was accepted and approved by the Canada Digital Adoption Program.

Couple sits outside a white campervan

Curious Campervans now has a detailed marketing roadmap and several key documents to serve as the foundation for future marketing efforts and decisions. Owner Taylor Smears had this to say about working with us: 

“The marketing roadmap was a project we’d never thought to prioritize, but it totally reeled us in and provided us with some focus. It’s an awesome asset for us to use as we grow our team and business.”  

“Every team member who we worked with at Crisp clearly knows their stuff. They each brought a unique perspective to our growing business. As people who are interested in marketing, but not experts ourselves, we walked away from every meeting with a wealth of knowledge.”