08 November 2022

Sa Boothroyd Tech Audit and More

Who is Sa?

After graduating from art school in England, Sa Boothroyd moved to Canada and became a printmaker. After over a decade of honing her art skills and learning how to run a business, Sa moved to beautiful Gibsons, BC. And now, 21 years later she has an incredible art studio and shop on Gov’t Wharf in Gibsons, surrounded by water, seagulls and boats. Her gallery is filled with locally made, whimsical tea towels, tote bags, coster, magnets, gift cards and original paintings. Her team has sold over 175,000 tea towels and ships anywhere in Canada and the US.


Tech Audit and More 

Sa Boothroyd reached out to our team in April for information on our E-Commerce Accelerator program because they needed help with their website. They were experiencing performance issues and needed an expert tech audit. Our specialized 3-stack approach was perfect for Sa and her team. We began by auditing their brand elements and identifying what marketing tactics should be employed. We then workshopped their team and created not only the tech audit they were originally seaking, but two personas, a customer journey, a value proposition and a complete marketing roadmap. 

After our complete tech audit and recommendations, Sa Boothroyd decided to pursue a complete website redesign. They asked our team to help facilitate and build their new Shopify site. We helped them choose a theme that would enable them to highlight their products, show off the Sa brand and function at a high level. We worked hard to give them a site that not only worked well, but made the Sa team happy and proud. The team was very happy with the finished product and they are already getting attention!


Sa’s Getting Attention

Stephen Quinn from CBC received a package from Sa and shared his joy on Twitter.

Sa Boothroyd has over 800 Google reviews and a 5-star rating …

“The elves did awesome – as usual! Love the new printed boxes which I would in turn pack off to a friend with your products (towel, bag & coaster) and sufficient room to sneak in a few more items. That way, another person enjoys the “gift box” and we get to recycle at the same time. Brilliant!!!”

Maryann C.

“I buy these towels as gifts for when we travel. They will be distributed in Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Austin, Morelia and Zihuatanejo this fall!”

Lois K.


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