26 October 2022

What is a Reel?

What is a Reel?

You may have recently noticed that there’s been a lot of short video clips popping up on your Instagram and Facebook feeds. You might have also heard of a new platform called Tiktok. So what is a reel? A reel is a short video clip often used with a trending sound as a way to bring brand awareness to your business. Posting a reel can give your users more of a connection to your brand. You’re humanizing your platform by bringing a more personal touch.


Black person holding a phone going through photos on instagram while having a cup of coffee

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What is the difference between a reel and a regular post? 

The difference between a reel and a regular post is that reels are 60-second videos that have more access to audio and editing options. You can quickly showcase your brand to the world, and with the right hashtags and trending audio, you can reach more users and get more views.


How is it beneficial to my business?

Reels done correctly, with trending sounds and high quality, are able to reach a crowd more expansive than just your followers. Lately, you may have noticed more reels on your Instagram and Facebook feeds. This is because Instagram and Facebook are trying to push reels as they compete with Tiktok. The more reels you post, the more likely you are to be shown on Instagram’s Explore page, and pushed on Facebook. Reels provide an opportunity to showcase your brand to your audience in a more creative and fun way.


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My team keeps telling me to invest in reels. How do I know it’s not a waste of my time?

Even though reels are being pushed on social media, they might not be right for your business. Before investing your time in creating reels, ask yourself if your persona will actually benefit from reels? Are your personas on the platforms that are pushing reels? Can your content be used as a reel, or is it more informative and in-depth? It all comes down to the behaviour and needs of your persona as well as your brand.


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