Business Transformation Projects Enhance Ecommerce Performance

Addressing Delays, Challenges, and Uncertainty

Addressing Delays, Challenges, and Uncertainty

The leader of an ecommerce company faced challenges with their marketing team. Key initiatives, such as implementing an enhanced email strategy, experienced significant delays spanning several months. Additionally, there were issues with the progress of Google Ads, leaving the team with uncertainties about their effectiveness. Communication had deteriorated within the team, compounding the problem.

What We Did

Providing Strategy and Leadership

We implemented our established Crisp Way process and created a Marketing Activation Plan. As part of this initiative, we assigned a Fractional CMO to join the leadership team, and a dedicated marketing strategist to oversee daily marketing operations. We assessed their marketing resources and provided recommendations for necessary changes. We also expanded the responsibilities of an existing contractor and addressed HR concerns by working with a current employee. Additionally, we assisted in transitioning away from their previous ad agency, replacing them with a trusted, cost-effective agency from our pool of contractors.

Marketing team facilitating a strategy workshop

The company achieved remarkable results, with a notable improvement of over 16% in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and a significant 45% increase in ad engagement. The combination of increased ad revenue and reduced agency fees resulted in a net-new, year-over-year six-figure return generated by Crisp. With their operational process bringing harmony to day-to-day tasks, Crisp’s fractional CMO continues to contribute as a valuable member of the leadership team. Furthermore, this client stands out as a champion for Crisp, regularly referring new leads – a testament to Crisp’s results.