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The resources and expertise you need, without the long-term commitment or bloated agency costs. We’ll integrate with your team and provide executable, scalable solutions tailored to your business and problems. Why hire one specialist when you can have the whole department?

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Activator package for marketing strategy


Meet your new marketing team, hand-picked to handle marketing operations, strategy and execution.

A perfect next step from a CDAP or Crisp MAP; or jumpstart your marketing program with the Activator + the Crisp MAP.

Content engine package for marketing strategy

Content Engine

Rev up the Activator even more with this add-on: comprehensive content strategy and operationalization.

Other Services

Need a marketing report or refresh, or an audit or assessment? We’re here to help.

Crisp MAP package for marketing strategy

The Crisp MAP

Just need a marketing plan? We’ll give you a MAP, aka our tried-and-true Marketing Activation Plan.


We’ll lighten your workload. Get help with that big project you’re dreading, or support with ongoing marketing tasks.

Restaurant business owner seeking a marketing team leader and a marketing strategy

Looking for Leadership?

Check out our Fractional CMO Services.

Crisp Fractional Marketing Model showing Client, Crisp, and network of vetted marketing specialists

Network of vetted marketing specialists

Get What You Need, When You Need It

Expertise Without the Long-Term Commitment

We don’t just send the files over. We send our people over. Our ecosystem of talented core staff and vetted contractors will integrate with your business to take on your next marketing project or challenge.

We’ll provide the best people for your needs and ensure a consistent flow of service with no downtime or admin on your end. And unlike an agency, we don’t take the knowledge with us when we leave: our “in-sourcing” model leaves a lasting legacy.

The Crisp Network Includes:

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