A New Marketing Roadmap for Rolla Skate Club to Roll With

Digital Strategy and Optimization through the Canada Digital Adoption Program

Digital Optimizations for Growth

Vancouver-based Rolla Skate Club, the world’s first roller skating gym (as well as a skating school and events organizer), was looking to increase signups and drive more revenue for several of its programs. But first, they needed to address their website and systems. Having sought our assistance through the Canada Digital Adoption Program, Rolla Skate Club was looking to improve their online presence and address other technological limitations that their small marketing team did not have the resources to take on.

What We Did

A Comprehensive Strategy

We started by building the foundation for a strong marketing roadmap, defining a target persona, conducting a competitive analysis as well as tech and SEO audits, and crystallizing Rolla Skate Club’s unique value propositions. During the process, we identified several additional pain points in their marketing operations, including an outdated booking system and their website user experience, for which we provided recommendations for improvement and execution.

2 women doing roller derby

Aiming to optimize Rolla Skate Club’s operations, reduce tech challenges, and strengthen their digital presence across platforms, we delivered a comprehensive marketing and digital adoption roadmap that was accepted by the Canada Digital Adoption Program. Bobbie Long, Rolla Skate Club’s marketing manager, said, “Working with Crisp gave us a clearer vision and direction of where we need to go. It helped us understand what our pain points are, and the things that are most important to focus on.”