Industrial Product Supplier Expands Into New Territory and Out-Markets the Competition

Scaling Up Marketing for International Expansion

Scaling Up Marketing for International Expansion

The client, a 70-year-old manufacturing product supply company, produces an industrial product that is installed in over 10,000 plants worldwide. The product helps big-name businesses like Starbucks, Pfizer and more keep their materials flowing during the production process. The company was looking to scale up their marketing efforts as they expanded their operations into Asia, but lacked the resources and team to execute a strategy.

What We Did

Out-Marketing the Competition

Working closely with the client’s sales team, Crisp launched a series of marketing projects that were unheard of in the field – and out-marketed the competition. We deployed a partner strategy to educate their distributors’ sales teams, built up their case study library, created thought leadership assets, implemented a paid advertising strategy with robust lead tracing, activated their social media and email strategy, and much more.

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Within a year, the company experienced the highest sales quarter in its history. In addition, the CEO and Global Sales Director expressed a particular pride in presenting their materials against their competitors. And the distributor strategy has proven to be a high-growth opportunity for the company.