Marketing Roadmap is a Recipe for Success

Marketing With The Right Ingredients
Bear Country Kitchen

The Right Ingredients

Bear Country Kitchen, a 30-year-old kitchenwares store based in BC’s rugged Kootenay region, was looking to grow sales for its freshly launched ecommerce store. Recognizing that they lacked the time and resources to implement new marketing initiatives, they turned to us to provide a marketing audit and create a roadmap.

What We Did

The Perfect Technique

We started by conducting a detailed audit of the store’s existing marketing efforts. We then created customer personas to help them hone their messaging and approach and identified the right channel mix to focus on. Once completed, we met with them every other week to discuss grant opportunities, assist with hiring, implement PPC campaigns and more.

Assortment of Kitchen Utensils laid out

In less than a year, the Bear Country Kitchen saw 13x growth in their year-over-year sales, with online revenue accounting for 20% of their total sales. They also experienced a 90% improvement in their conversion rate.