Marketing Strategy Drives Brand Awareness and User Acquisition for Growing Software Company

Providing a Boost Through the Canada Digital Adoption Program
Software Company

Delivering a Full Digital Marketing Roadmap

The client, a growing software company, was seeking marketing assistance through the Canada Digital Adoption Program, with the goal of driving brand awareness and expanding their customer base. They knew they needed to generate leads, acquire users, and drive conversion to hit their sales targets; however, they lacked the dedicated resources and budget, as well as the foundational marketing processes and tools to do so. They had experienced some success with their existing sales emails and proposals, but the process was fairly manual and wasn’t driving the necessary conversion rates.


A Thorough Operational Analysis

We completed a thorough analysis of the client’s operations and made several key recommendations to assist in meeting their business goals while being mindful of budget and resource limitations. We researched options for a new CRM software, put together an email marketing strategy with automated email campaigns, and created a content marketing strategy for lead generation.

Two coworkers in an office space sharing ideas through phone and laptop

We delivered a full marketing roadmap that would leverage a wide range of digital marketing channels to more efficiently drive and convert leads for the client. This comprehensive plan was accepted and approved by the Canada Digital Adoption Program, unlocking transformational grant funding for the business. The roadmap included a suite of standardized and automated processes and tools that would allow for the CEO and sales director to take marketing off their plates as well as scale up marketing efforts in the future. Regarding our work, the client said: “The analytics-based strategy and iteration is going to yield so much value.”