Fractional Hiring Enables The Forum, a Registered Charity, to Keep on Giving

As the Forum entered its busiest period of the year, they were seeking support with their marketing operations to provide marketing services.

Photo Credit Jaime Lee Fuoco

Providing Much-Needed Operational Support

The Forum, a registered charity that supports women entrepreneurs, was growing rapidly with a clear objective of reaching national brand awareness. However, its marketing team consisted of one full-time director and one part-time student intern. When the student departed the team at the end of her school term, it left the marketing director alone to handle all operations of the brand’s two websites, five social media channels, internal and external communications, programs and events marketing, and creative and graphic design.

As the organization entered its busiest period of the year, they were seeking much-needed support with their marketing operations to provide marketing services to its growing cross-functional team and reach its goal of national awareness with speed.

What We Did

Providing Flexibility through Fractional Hiring

We stepped in to act as a marketing operations support lifeline, helping to take time-consuming tasks off the marketing director’s plate. With the most pressing issues averted, we assisted in training and onboarding new members of The Forum’s marketing team, as well as leading and executing strategy for new programs. We continue to act as both a leader and a flexible backfill across The Forum’s marketing operations whenever assistance and additional capacity are needed.

3 Women entrepreneurs posing for a photo at an Forum event

Photo Credit: Jamie Lee Fuoco


Our fractional marketing model allowed us to augment The Forum’s marketing department with a skillset and knowledge base that goes beyond the capabilities of a single hire. As a result, we were able to grow with their organization flexibly, taking on challenges as they arose, and occupying whichever roles were needed (regardless of whether they required strategy or execution, or both). Anne McLean, Director of Marketing, had the following feedback on our work: “The Crisp team is flawlessly filling in all the gaps as they arise by taking on all tasks, big and small. It is having a meaningful impact on the speed at which we grow. So versatile!” 


Members of their team have commented that they often forget we are external to their organization, describing us as “a powerhouse” within their team – a testament to our seamless integration and commitment to problem-solving.