28 September 2023

5 LinkedIn Best Practices for CEOs

Engaging on LinkedIn is something CEOs know they “should” do.


 It often boils down to; 

  1. Not carving out the time to engage on LinkedIn
  2. Hesitating to be the company’s “spokesperson” 
  3. Relying on their company’s LinkedIn page  

As a CEO, your personal brand and engagement on LinkedIn matters – for you as an individual and for your business. If your business’ LinkedIn strategy is not supported by CEO or team member engagement, it is not a sound strategy. 


Here are some best practices to keep in mind;

Don’t spam: This one may seem obvious at first. But LinkedIn’s algorithm separates content into three categories: spam, low-quality, and high-quality. Posts flagged as spam won’t pass LinkedIn’s filter, while high-quality content is more likely to achieve a higher reach.  


Tag wisely: Being strategic and intentional about who you tag can be a great way to boost your reach and engagement. If people like, comment on, or share your post, it’s likely to get a wider audience. But too much tagging can actually decrease your chances of success. 


Get it right the first time: The first hour after you post is referred to as the “golden hour”: the period in which the LinkedIn algorithm evaluates the quality of your post by sharing it with just a few of your followers. 


Engage: Not all content needs to be written by you! If you want to start positioning yourself as a thought leader, reposting your business’ content or other related content is a great way to start. 


Want to learn how to implement these 5 best practices? Check out the full article on LinkedIn.