01 November 2023

5 Reasons for CEOs to Be on Instagram (and How to Do It Well)

For CEOs who want to engage with social media, it might be obvious how important LinkedIn is as a tool for networking and business growth. It can be less obvious whether it’s worth establishing a presence on other channels. For example, is it worth it for CEOs to be on Instagram?

It might surprise you, but Instagram can actually be a powerful networking and growth tool, both directly and indirectly. Using it the right way can provide a lot of benefit to your business and open up new opportunities. (If this is something you’re looking for assistance with, book a call with us to see how we can help!)

Five reasons why Instagram can be a powerful tool for CEOs

You might already have an account for your brand or business, but here’s why having a personal presence matters:

  1. It can humanize your business. Instagram is less formal than LinkedIn – take advantage of that.
  1. It’s a storytelling opportunity. Stories and reels are a great tool for providing context to your business through everyday storytelling.
  1. It can expand your personal brand. Give your network the chance to get to know a different side of you beyond just your resume and professional bio.
  1. It provides different opportunities for engagement. Engage your network with fun features like story polls and quizzes, link in bio, carousels, and reels.
  1. It showcases your brand values and company culture. The content you post can be a strong signal to potential hires, clients and potential business partners about how you run your business.

However, in order to accomplish any of these with impact, you need engagement and reach. Here’s how to make the Instagram algorithm work for you:

Timing is everything.

It’s all about finding the ideal time to post, and doing so consistently.  

Content is key.

Original, engaging, consistent content is most likely to succeed. 

Keep the tags.

Hashtags and location tags, that is. Use them, because they are two (free!) ways to increase your reach. 

    Reply (to) all.

    Responsiveness is important, because engagement is a two-way street.

    Want to dive deeper into digital marketing best practices?

    Read the full post here (including a further breakdown with more details on each of these topics!), or contact us to see how we can help.

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